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WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations by Iconic 1.5.0 NULLED

WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations by Iconic
							1.5.0 NULLED

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WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations NULLED

Add Custom Fields to Your WooCommerce Product Variations​

Save time editing product variations and give customers the information they need with WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations.

Save Time Customizing Your Product Variations​

  • Improve the admin experience by adding any number of custom fields to your product variations site-wide to make customizing your product variations a breeze.
  • Your new custom field groups will be added to all product variations, allowing you to fill in the additional information when editing a product, or leave them blank – saving you a ton of time.
  • Custom fields can be grouped together under headings, giving your shop managers the best experience possible.

Use Multiple Field Types for Easy Editing​

  • Use checkboxes, dropdowns, and radio buttons in your custom field groups to make updating commonly-used product information straightforward.
  • Include small or large text areas for completely custom content that can be adapted for each product variation.

Only Show the Content You Need to​

  • Your filled-in custom fields only show once a customer has selected that variation, giving them the best experience possible.
  • Additional information appears right below the variation selection options, so they won’t miss a thing.
  • You can also use our shortcode to display the variation information wherever you want.
  • WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations uses your theme’s styling, so it blends right in, making your users feel right at home.

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