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WooCommerce Binary Multi Level Marketing [MLM] 1.0.0

WooCommerce Binary Multi Level Marketing [MLM]

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WooCommerce Binary Multi-Level Marketing [MLM]​

The admin can use this plugin to incorporate a binary MLM system into his web store using WooCommerce Binary Multi-Level Marketing [MLM]. Customers can become sponsors by signing up.

When the admin accepts the customer’s request to become a sponsor. Sponsor IDs will be given to customers who have become sponsors.

They can then become a sponsor for the other two customers by using their sponsor ID. This chain is unbreakable. The sponsors get commissions by combining their two sub-sponsors.

Features of WooCommerce Binary Multi-Level Marketing [MLM]​

  • The sponsor reference Id can be shared by the admin to add up to two customers as sponsors.
  • The admin has access to the whole family tree of the sponsor.
  • In addition, the admin can view their members in a tree structure, with their correct joining order.
  • The commission for the sponsor tree can be determined by the administrator.
  • On behalf of sponsors, the admin can generate and process payment requests.
  • The admin can also see the commission logs for all of the tree’s sponsors.
  • Customers might receive emails from sponsors inviting them to join or sponsor products.
  • The admin can also set the priority for various levels.
  • On a product sale, new member joining, and sponsor member level up, all sponsors, from the child to the last parent, receive a specified commission percentage.
  • Sponsors can also request money from their digital wallets by submitting a payment request.
  • Sponsors will have their dashboards, which will show their earnings overtime or monthly.
  • The admin can also determine the percentage commission on product sales, new member signups, and sponsor member level-ups.
  • The admin can assign multiple sponsorship levels to members, such as gold, silver, and bronze.
  • Furthermore, the sponsors have access to their whole family tree.

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