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WISDM Custom Product Bundles for WooCommerce 4.3.2 NULLED

WISDM Custom Product Bundles for WooCommerce
							4.3.2 NULLED

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Give your customers the option to choose from existing product bundles or to mix and match products to create new ones.

Enable group products to sell as packages, offer shopping deals on the product bundles, dynamically price the kits based on the products added, add personalized gift messages with the box, and much more!

Sell more, simplify management, generate recurring revenue, and boost profits with WISDM Custom Product Bundles for WooCommerce NULLED.

Create Personalized Product Bundles With Ease​

Custom product boxes​

Easy-to-use layout options let you create simple or variable product bundles on your WooCommerce store, with the Custom Product Bundles plugin.

Custom Modern Layouts For Product Bundles​

Select and Customize Product Layout​

Choose the orientation of the Product Box– Horizontal or Vertical– that best suits your WooCommerce store’s layout. Choose from Legacy, Card, or Modern Layouts as per your preference. Set featured images to customize the appearance of the box.

Reduce Buyer Confusion With Clear Add-ons​

Add-on image and description​

The featured image and the short description of each product are displayed to reduce uncertainty and help potential buyers pick the products they want.

Choose Product Categories Or All Products To Create Bundles Quickly​

Add products in bulk to the add-on list​

Select Product categories, Specific products, or All shop products to create bundles in an instant. Include specific variations of your choice as per your choice.

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