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Online free URL Decoder

URL Decoding Tips To Make Your Life Easy

What is URL decoding?

URL decoding is the process of URL encoding in reverse. It’s when the URL has been encoded because it contained characters that are not acceptable. The acceptable characters are A-Z, 0-9, _,. and -. When a URL is being decoded, the characters with the above mentioned alphabets are converted back to their original form.

Why URL decoding is important?

There are many websites that allow users to post links on their blog or website. If you use any link that is generated by a third party, then it will be decoded. This is one of the main reasons why you need to decode the URLs. There are many services that will decode the links and change it to your own.

URL decoding tools

There are many software available online which will decode the URLs and you just need to enter the URL to get the decoded URL. Click here to decode the URL.

It’s not just the decoding that matters, you must know the basics of how to decode the URLs. If you don’t know, then it will be hard to understand the process. So, here are some tips to make the life easier.

Avoid using special characters

Special characters like? and & make it difficult for the decoders to decode. So, avoid using them and use only the standard alphabets that are accepted by the decoder.

Use the right encoding

If you are using a third party site for generating the URLs then you need to check the encoding. Make sure that the encoding is not using non-standard encoding. If the encoding is using non-standard encoding, then the URLs will be decoded and changed.

Encode the URLs in the same order

You must encode the URLs in the same order and not in any random order. If you encode in the wrong order then it will be a problem and the URLs will be decoded in the same order.


URL decoding is a process that is needed by many people, but if you don’t know how to decode the URLs then you can make the life easier. It is necessary to know the basics of URL decoding and encode the URLs properly.


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