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Spectra Pro 1.0.3 NULLED

Spectra Pro
							1.0.3 NULLED

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Spectra Pro NULLED (formerly The Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg) is a WordPress page builder that works on top of the default block editor. Spectra makes the default block editor much faster and more extensive in features and functionality.

It brings a complete layout system to the WordPress block editor that allows you to create any kind of web design while solving the common responsive design challenges.

Super Fast and Stable

Spectra works with the native WordPress editor with no dependency on external code. So, it is fast and stable.

Secure and Integrated

Clean code written using the latest standards to maximize security and work flawlessly with any WordPress plugin.

Native WordPress Interface

Spectra Integrates into the same WordPress editor that you are already familiar with, making it super intuitive website builder.

Just-in-time Assets

Spectra assembles the required assets only when a block is used on a page. Experience super-fast editing!

Advanced Web Creation

Spectra gives you advanced website design options not available with the default WordPress block editor.

Organized Block Settings

Organized navigation and collapsable tabs in block settings offer a faster editing experience and better usability.

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