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ProductX Pro 1.3.4 NULLED

ProductX Pro
							1.3.4 NULLED

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ProductX PRO NULLED – Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks​

ProductX is a WooCommerce plugin for creating beautiful and unique product grids, product lists, product sliders, category lists, product carousel, and much more in a matter of seconds.

Exclusive WooCommerce Builder​

The Builder Addon of ProductX lets you create Archive, Shop, and Single Product Page Templates.​

  • Create Single Product Page Template.
  • Change Archive Page Template Design.
  • Customize Shop Page with Product Blocks.
  • Compare Button for a Single Product Page.
  • Change Templates conditions of Builder.

WooCommerce Wishlist​

Wishlist is a free and powerful ProductX addon that can help you to convert your site visitors into loyal customers.​

  • Shortcodes to Implement Wishlist Inside Any Page.
  • Login Required Feature for Add to Wishlist.
  • Empty Wishlist After Checkout Feature.
  • Wishlist Button for Single Product Page.
  • Wishlist Button Text Change from Backend.
  • Redirect to Cart Feature.

Easy to Compare​

Compare addon helps your users to make better decisions by letting them accurately compare products from your shop.​

  • Shortcode to Implement Comparing Tool Inside Any Page.
  • Comparison is Shown in a Popup After Clicking Feature.
  • Compare Button Text Change from Settings.
  • Compare Button for a Single Product Page.
  • Comparison Popup Position Change in Frontend Feature.

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