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Price Guaranteed for WooCommerce 1.0.3

Price Guaranteed for WooCommerce

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Beat Your Competitors with Price Guaranteed for WooCommerce & Sell More

Knowing your competitor’s price is half of winning the battle. You can beat them with a guaranteed price to your customers. Install Guaranteed Prices for WooCommerce plugin to beat your competitor’s price and ultimately sell more. The plugin invites your customers to share product prices that beat yours and allows you to bid for their business. You can meet your competitor’s price or offer a lower price.

Allow customers to fill out the “submit best price” popup form. Once they submit the form, the admin can review the price through the dedicated dashboard. You can offer coupon codes if required or provide free shipping.

How does it work?

  • Admin can customize a Submit Best Price popup for their customers with the WooCommerce best price products plugin.
  • The customer fills out fields on the submit price form and shares the lowest price and the URL where they found it.
  • Admins can then respond with a coupon to meet or beat the price.
  • Admins can also offer free shipping.
  • The plugin helps you generate a coupon for the user with the offered price. The coupon has an expiration date.
  • If the client does not instantly use the coupon, admins can remind them of the offer via email before it expires.


  • Offer the lowest prices to potential customers
  • Allow customers to submit competitors’ prices
  • Manage price requests from a user-friendly dashboard
  • Send coupons to offer the best prices
  • Incentivize shoppers with free shipping offers
  • Notify customers of price discounts and coupon expiration dates via emails
  • Customize the price-request popup to match your store’s theme
  • Add additional custom fields to the popup
This Plugin is fully compatible with HPOS(High-Performance Order Storage) and Multisite.

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