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Page Generator Pro 4.3.1 NULLED

Page Generator Pro
							4.3.1 NULLED

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Page Generator Pro NULLED

Automatically mass generate content (Pages, Posts and Custom Posts) to maximise your search engine presence.

Generate Unlimited, Unique Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types​

Quickly generate unique, unlimited content (Pages, Posts and Custom Posts) to maximise your search engine presence with our WordPress Mass Page Creator Plugin.

Whether it’s building city or locality-specific pages, a directory of products / services, or drip feeding fresh content to your blog for the next month, Page Generator Pro provides a range of functionality for all of this, and more.

Define your keywords (locations, services, products – anything!), use them in a content template (Content Group), and mass generate your Pages, Posts or Custom Post Types from your template.

Works with the Classic Editor, Gutenberg and most Page Builders including Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer and more.


Keywords store the unique terms that you want to populate your Pages with, such as locations (cities, counties, zip codes), business services, products and more. They’re then inserted into Page Generator Pro’s templates (known as Content Groups).

When content is generated, Page Generator Pro uses a different, unique term from each of the keywords in your content for each generated page, resulting in unique, search engine friendly content with no duplicates.

Powerful keyword transformations allow you to change the case of keyword terms, as well as extract sub terms from your list of terms – for example, to only use the city name from a list of detailed locations stored in a keyword.

Stuck for keyword term ideas? Just enter your keyword, click save, and Page Generator Pro will automatically produce a list of terms (synonyms) for you.

Dynamic Keyword Sources​

Does your data frequently change or update? With Page Generator Pro, you can add a Keyword and link it to your external data sources, including:

  • Airtable
  • CSV File
  • Database Table
  • Google Sheet
  • RSS Feed
  • Spreadsheet

External data sources are then refreshed when you generate (or regenerate) Pages, Posts or Custom Post Types, ensuring your web site’s content is up to date.

Target Location-Specific Areas​

Page Generator Pro’s Keyword system also provides functionality to automatically generate location specific keyword lists, which can include some or all of ZIP Codes (with latitude and longitude), Cities (with latitude, longitude and population), Counties, Regions, Phone Area Codes and/or Phone Country Codes.

This data can then be used to build location pages, either in a flat structure or a directory structure, thanks to the Group Directory functionality.

Wikipedia URLs and content are included, and for the USA data includes demographics (Population, Population by Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Median Household Income).

Data can be built by either specifying a start location and radius, or geographical area(s) such as specific Cities, Counties or Regions (States), and covers 250 countries, ~ 4,000 states / regions, ~ 45,000 counties and ~ 2.6 million cities / towns, updated daily. Any Pro license includes full access to this dataset, with no additional charge.

You can also supply your own location data as a Keyword, or by importing locations from a CSV file or spreadsheet.

Import Existing Keyword Lists​

If you have existing lists of terms, or relational keywords and terms, Page Generator Pro provides two methods to quickly import this data into keywords:

  • Import Text File: Import all data in a text file to a single keyword,
  • Import CSV File: Import keywords and terms in a CSV file, storing the results as individual keywords based on your CSV column headings.
  • Import Spreadsheet File: Import keywords and terms in an Excel (.xlsx) file, storing the results as individual keywords based on your spreadsheet’s column headings.

Keywords can then be inserted into Page Generator Pro’s template fields, including the title, content, excerpt and other fields.

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