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OxyProps 1.11.2 NULLED

							1.11.2 NULLED

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OxyProps NULLED – The Ultimate Page Builder Companion​

Elevate Your Page Building with OxyProps — the innovative WordPress plugin that integrates a sleek CSS framework, advanced custom elements, and smart context menus.

A Powerful Color System​

With OxyProps, managing your website colors and color schemes is a piece of cake. Select from pre-built color swatches or define your custom ones from the plugin dashboard.

Design your website using OxyProps logical colors, also available as global colors, and your design will automatically respond to light & dark, or any color scheme you choose.

No More Typing​

With OxyProps, using custom properties is now effortless. You no longer have to worry about syntax or losing time typing the prop name in value fields.

OxyProps’ smart context menu makes relevant props for a specific field available with a simple click.

Light & Dark Versions Simultaneously​

Design light and dark versions of your site simultaneously using OxyProps logical colors.

Your site is light/dark responsive “out of the box,” and OxyProps adds a light/dark toggle to your builder UI, so you can easily make sure your design looks good in both versions.

Classes Navigation and Live Preview​

OxyProps improves your builder classes list navigation with keyboard navigation and live preview of the class effect.

If you can’t remember the exact class or are unsure which one to use, OxyProps has got you covered.

Rely on OxyProps Default Settings​

Need to be up and running fast for your new website project? Leverage OxyProps default global settings.

When activated, OxyProps will redefine your builder global settings using OxyProps Custom Properties for every setting, from font stacks through fluid typography to colors and spacing.

You get a fully responsive settings blueprint that you can tweak to your liking.

No More Fighting the Framework​

Say goodbye to hours of styling elements and fighting against the framework defaults built with extreme specificity or even !important rules.

OxyProps is built with zero specificity rules, so you can always easily apply your custom styles at a local level.

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