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OLX WooCommerce 2.0.7

OLX WooCommerce

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OLX WooCommerce​

Reach millions of potential customers in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Poland, Portugal, Romania or Ukraine with the OLX WooCommerce integration and gain an additional sales channel for your products.

Why do you need OLX WooCommerce?​

OLX WooCommerce is the first WooCommerce plugin that allows you to list ads directly based on products in your store. Imagine how much time you can save this way!

Add WooCommerce products on OLX​

Place OLX ads based on WooCommerce products

Enjoy the plugin’s simple interface​

Placing an ad only takes a few clicks

Map OLX and WooCommerce categories​

Map Woo and OLX categories directly in your ad template

Add product images to your ads​

Add product photos to every ad on OLX

Display variants as separate ads​

List product variations as separate OLX ads

Close OLX ads in your store​

Close ads directly in your WooCommerce store

All benefits​

OLX WooCommerce has all the features you need to list ads on OLX based on products in WooCommerce.

  • Easily place ads based on WooCommerce products
  • Simple plug-in interface
  • Automation of ad placement
  • Support for WooCommerce variants
  • Handling product photography
  • Support for shortcodes that support WooCommerce product fields
  • Checking product inventory
  • Mapping WooCommerce categories with OLX categories
  • Creating OLX ad templates
  • All OLX attributes directly in the ad template
  • Closing ads directly in WooCommerce
  • Synchronization of announcement statuses
  • OLX ad term preview

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