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MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress Premium 4.9 NULLED

MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress Premium
							4.9 NULLED

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MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress Premium NULLED

Make it easy for your visitors to subscribe to your Mailchimp email audiences.


The core plugin is 100% free and covers the required features for the majority of our users.

Sign-up forms​

Flexible, accessible and good looking forms to subscribe visitors to your Mailchimp audiences.

Sign-up integrations​

Dozens of integrations to subscribe visitors from other existing forms on your website.

Easy to set up​

Connect the plugin to your Mailchimp account in seconds.

Subscribe from anywhere​

Show your sign-up methods anywhere. Posts, pages, widget areas, PHP templates. You name it.

Developer friendly​

The plugin comes with plenty of action and filter hooks which allow you to modify or extend the default behavior.

Well documented​

We pride ourselves on writing good code accompanied with even better documentation, which you can find in our knowledge base.

Premium features​

For slightly more advanced use cases, there is Mailchimp for WordPress Premium. It serves as an add-on plugin adding the following features.

More and better forms​

Create an unlimited amount of sign-up forms that submit without reloading the page.

E-commerce integration​

Know what your subscribers are purchasing, offer recommendations and recover abandoned carts.

Easy form styling​

A visual interface to modify the visual appearance of your forms without having to know or write a single line of CSS code.

User Sync​

Automatically update subscribers in Mailchimp when one of your WordPress users updates their profile, or vice versa.

Statistics and logging​

Every sign-up attempt, whether through a form or integration, is stored locally. Data is visualized in various charts and can be exported to CSV at the click of a button.

Subscriber activity​

View subscribes and unsubscribes for any of your audiences over a given time period, straight from your WordPress dashboard panel.

Auto-append forms​

Automatically append a sign-up form to all posts or only those in a given category.

Post to campaign​

Create a new campaign in Mailchimp from the Gutenberg editor with the click of a button.

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