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MapSVG – All Kinds of Maps and Store Locator for WordPress 6.2.24

MapSVG - All Kinds of Maps and Store Locator for WordPress

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Create anything and map it​

MapSVG is more than just a mapping plugin: it’s a custom database seamlessly connected to vector, Google, and image maps.

All kinds of maps in one plugin​

  • SVG vector maps (all countries included)
  • Google Maps (unlimited custom styles)
  • Google Maps + your custom vector overlay
  • Image maps: add interactivity to any png/jpeg image

Create objects and put them on a map​

MapSVG has a built-in database, optimized for performance, easy editing, and seamless interaction with maps. Use it to create any kinds of objects and show them on a map! Show your content

Show your content on a map as markers. Groups markers into clusters. Show popovers, tooltips or large details view on click on a marker or map region. Show a menu with the list of objects next to your map.

Filter results on the map​

Available types of filters:

  • Text search
  • Search for nearby locations by address or from the current user location
  • Search by zip
  • Filter by custom fields

Visualize big data on a map​

Represent statistical information by every map region with different shades of a color gradient.

Customize the map functionality​

Any custom functionality can be created by adding a few lines of JS code in MapSVG event handlers editor screen. Do something special on click on a map region, marker, when objects are received from the server – there are a lot of events to choose from.

Customize the map styles​

Use built-in template editor. Fine-tune your styles by using a built-in CSS editor


Add shortcodes from other plugins to MapSVG. Use case: show a contact form on click on a marker and pass email stored in the clicked object to the “email_to” field of the contact form.

Add a gallery to your map​

Use MapSVG.Gallery add-on to show a gallery, slider, and lightbox with images.

Other features​

Show another map on click on a region of a master map (drill-down functionality). Use case – building plans: show an image of a building, click on a floor shows a child map with a floorplan. Click on an area in the floorplan shows the plan of an apartment. Add controls that allow a user to toggle the visibility of certain objects

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