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If-So Dynamic Content 1.6.2 NULLED

If-So Dynamic Content
							1.6.2 NULLED

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If-So NULLED is a simple WordPress plugin, allowing you to add or replace content on your website based on the visitors’ profile or interaction with the site. Your visitors will engage, convert and buy more! It allows you to set dynamic content in minutes with no coding required. Plugin have an intuitive interface, minimal pageload delay and smooth user experience. Also it works with your page builder.

Plugin’s main features:

Geolocation. Set content according to the visitor’s country, city, state, or continent.

Start & End Date. Schedule content changes between a range of dates.

Schedule. Schedule content according to the time and day of the week.

Browser Language. Attract attention with messages in the visitor’s language.

Dynamic Link. Show specific content to visitors arriving from a custom link.

Referral Source. Customize the content to visitors referred from a chosen domain or webpage.

Device Type. Load different content on desktops, tablets, or mobiles.

Logged-in Users. Show or hide content if the visitor is (or was) logged in to your site.

Returning visitors. Replace calls to action according to the number of visits a user visited in the site.

Time Zone. Show different content to visitors from different time zones.

Pages visited. Customize the content to visitors who have been visited a chosen page on your website.

UTM Parameters. Set content changes based on the UTM parameters.

A/B Testing. Optimize content by split testing two to four content variations.

Login. Show or hide content if the visitor is logged in (or was logged in) to your site.

Search term. Tailor the landing page to the user search term.

IP. Change content based on the user’s IP address.

Cookies. Add or replace content based on a cookie name or value.

User role. Show content based on the user’s role.

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