HTML Minifier

Online free HTML Minifier

Online free HTML Minifier

What is HTML minification?

Minification is a process of removing extra white spaces or the lines and tags that are not required for the content.

There are two types of minification:

• Removing unnecessary white spaces (like blank line or space between tags)

• Removing redundant data like comment or script tag.

There are some tools available online that will help you to remove unnecessary data from your code. They will reduce the file size by removing extra white spaces, and you can use them to optimize WordPress.

The reason behind minification is that when the source file is compressed, the speed of the process is increased and it helps to improve the performance of the website.

Why we need to minify?

One of the most important reasons to minify the source code is that it will make your website load faster. If your website is slow, then you will lose a lot of customers and it will affect your revenue.

It is not enough to optimize your site only with CSS, you need to do it for JavaScript, images, and videos too.

But we should not make our website too small because the compression process will break the image. In short, you can’t compress the source file to less than 50% of its original size.


I hope you have found this tool interesting and useful. This tool will help you to minify the code and make your work easy.


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