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Online free HTML Beautifier

Online HTML Beautifier

HTML Beautifier is the best tool to clean HTML code

HTML is the language of web pages, it contains the basic information needed to make a webpage, but it is not enough to create a great looking page, if the code is not properly formatted. The HTML code of a website is very complex, and it can be understood by only few people, so it is very important to make the code neat and tidy.

Beautify code makes the HTML clean and tidy

The best way to make a page clean and tidy is to use an online tool which helps you to beautify the code. If you want to beautify the code then you can use any HTML beautifier, but I have chosen this one because it is easy to use. 

This works on all types of browsers and it is compatible with all platforms and it can beautify the code within just a second.. 

The most amazing thing about this tool is that it doesn’t change the source code, so you can save the original file and see the changes in real-time.

How to use HTML Beautifier

To use this tool, first you need to paste your HTML source code in the above beautifier tool and click on 'Beautify' button.

The tool will show you the preview of the beautified code, you can save the source code in your PC or laptop.


I hope you have found this tool interesting and useful. This tool will help you to beautify the code and make your work easy.


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