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Express Login For WordPress 1.7.0 NULLED

Express Login For WordPress
							1.7.0 NULLED

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Create secure, auto-login URLs for WordPress & WooCommerce​

This WordPress login plugin allows you to create secure, auto-login links for any user, without the need for a username and password and redirect them to the page you want.

Friction-free WordPress login without username and password…in just one-click

Keeping track of so many usernames and passwords can be frustrating for anyone. Not to mention entering those details each time you log in.

Moreover, if the user forgets the password, it’s a nightmare to reset it. There are a lot of hassles associated with password creation criteria and password breaches.

Now, this is not users fault as well. It’s the digital era and we are subscribed to or using so many digital products – net banking, web development, etc. It’s impossible to remember so many usernames and passwords. And of course, the login is the main medium to your website’s admin area. You need to make it secure while making it easy for users to log in.

So what if this entire complicated process gets replaced using a very simple process? Instant, automated and in one-click?

That’s what StoreApps’ WordPress login plugin called Express Login helps you achieve. The plugin lets you generate a secret link that users can click on to log into your WordPress or WooCommerce site automatically. They’ll never have to remember their username or password again! Simple and easy-to-use WooCommerce URL-based login plugin.

  • Secret key to generate login URLs​

    The plugin allows you to set a secret key using which it generates secure WordPress login URLs for the customers to log in.

  • Take full control of the login​

    You can set a validity period for these auto login URLs so they will automatically expire after the time lapses.

  • Redirect after login to any page on WordPress / WooCommerce​

    Not just one-click login, but you can also redirect users to any page you want using the login links. Be it a blog post, WooCommerce product page or other pages, the process is seamless.

  • Export links and use them in your email service​

    Export a CSV file of all or selected users with their login links and send those links via email. Use your favorite email/newsletter service if you wish, and merge the express login link wherever you want.

Simple to use WordPress login plugin​

Using this WordPress login plugin is a cakewalk. Install and activate the plugin and you are good to go. No coding required whatsoever. Generate secret key, set expiry, enter redirect URL, select users and export. That’s it.

Redirect after login to page, post, checkout…wherever you want​

As said, be it any page, post on your WordPress site or WooCommerce store, you can redirect users using the auto-login URLs. For example – If you want to redirect users to ‘My Account’ page, simply enter in the plugin settings . Just one click and they are on!

Redirect to cart or checkout for immediate payment with coupon applied​

Your users know about your product and they are simply waiting for the discount. They come to your product page, add them to the cart, then apply the coupon. Why follow this tedious procedure?
Instead, use the Express Login plugin to directly redirect users to the checkout page with the coupon applied so that they directly pay for the product. Simple and efficient. The plugin allows you to place a ‘Buy Now’ link with a coupon. For example –

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