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EazyDocs Pro (Premium) 1.1.8 NULLED

EazyDocs Pro (Premium)
							1.1.8 NULLED

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EazyDocs Pro NULLED assists you in creating great looking documentation for your products in a easy and quick way. Site operators can create & manage detailed, hierarchical documentation in the WordPress admin. You get all the power of WordPress to create/add new docs, tags, organize with ordering your documentation. EazyDocs makes browsing and creating advanced documentation easy and user-friendly.

Live Doc Search​

The EazyDocs search is designed to provide relevant search results at every level. Its structured layout gives the users more context to understand the product.
You will get an instant, hierarchical search result via AJAX.

Smart Notifications​

See, how people are reacting, responding to your docs in one place by newest order.
You are just one click away from checking users’ feedback on articles, and their comments. You can also switch between tabs to check either feedback votes or readers’ comments.

Helper Assistant​

You will get an integrated helper assistant feature with Eazydocs. This shows a clickable button at the right bottom corner of the website.
A click will produce a search box, showing instant results as you type. Also, it has a contact form, which you can send an instant email to the support provider. Really handy and time-saving.

Duplicate / Copy Documentation​

If you want to clone documentation, we have got you covered. Duplicate/Copy documentation with the child docs with just a single click and it is done.

Privacy Concerned​

We took your privacy for different documentation seriously. You can protect your docs both on the front-end and back-end.

  • Public docs, anyone can visit.
  • Private docs, only logged-in users can visit.
  • Password-protected docs, only users who know the password can visit.
  • You can decide Who Can view, edit the docs

You can customize the visibility on both the user-level and admin levels. Only users with specific roles will be given access to view/edit the docs.

Conditional Dropdown​

We have pushed the user experience of readers one step further. Parts of the document can be changed conditionally.

Live Customization​

Pick the layout of your choice for the docs, the number of columns on the archive page, the doc layout, the sidebar positioning, assistant colors, and what not.

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