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Easy Booking PRO 1.1.0 NULLED

Easy Booking PRO
							1.1.0 NULLED

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Easy Booking PRO NULLED is an extension for Easy Booking which adds lots of important features to enhance your WooCommerce store : stock management per date, disabled dates, prices depending on duration and/or dates, manual bookings and more.


  • Automatically manage product availability per date
  • Prevent customers from booking unavailable products
  • Possibility to set an unavailability period after a booking
  • Option to display the available stock amount for each date to your customers

Disable dates​

  • Disable weekdays, dates or dateranges
  • Disable dates for all products and/or at product or variation level
  • Possibility to allow booking of disabled dates (disable only for check-in/check-out)

Duration discounts & surcharges​

  • Set discounts/surcharges depending on selected booking duration
  • Percentage, fixed or total discounts/surcharges
  • Discounts/surcharges for all products and/or at product or variation level


  • Set different prices for weekdays, dates or dateranges
  • Regular and sale prices

Import bookings​

  • Import bookings manually or from a CSV file (without creating orders)
  • Product availability automatically updated
  • Useful if you also rent products from other platforms

Availability overview​

  • Easily track product availability from your WordPress dashboard

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