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Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.3.0

Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions

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Offer discounts on subscription renewals or offer role-based discounts—make subscription products highly profitable, increase customer retention rates and your store’s long-term value.

Offer subscription discounts​

Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions is the first specialized tool to manage the pricing of recurring payments for the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

You can manipulate the price in several ways:

  • Apply fixed or progressive percentage discounts to renewal prices so your clients pay less when they stay with you.
  • Increase the cost of subscription renewals depending on the subscription period to earn more with every renewal.
  • Specify personal discounts for various users using role-based discounts.
  • Assign discounts for plans made with All Products for Subscriptions extension to Simple and Variable products and Product Bundles.


  • Discounts work with both simple and variable subscription products
  • Two ways to assign discounts: fixed prices and percentage discounts
  • Individual discounts based on user roles
  • Display discount tables on product pages to explain discount policy
  • Customize text explainers and discount table headings to outline the benefits
  • Choose to display or hide discount tables from product pages
  • Apply discounts rules for existing subscriptions
  • Customize the discount table placement on product pages
  • Use negative values for discounts to increase the cost of subscription renewals
  • The user account, cart, checkout, and service emails show current discounts and potential discount upgrades
  • Adjustments to the wp-admin area to help you track down and forecast subscription discounts
  • All functions work with subscription plans made with help of the All Products for Subscriptions extension as well as with subscription-based products
  • All Products for Subscriptions implies the use of Simple, Variable, or Bundles products


You have a subscription that costs $100 per month and you want your subscribers to pay less starting at six months and earn an additional discount at 12 months. You can assign a 5% discount to renewals at six months and another 5% off the original subscription price at the second renewal at 12 months.

Then your subscribers will pay:

$100 on the initial order and every subscription renewal for five months

$95 per month, after being subscribed for six months

$90 per month, starting from the 12th month

You also can increase prices with each renewal and make them pay:

$100 on the initial order

$110 on subscription renewal

$120 on second renewal, and so on

Or make role-based discounts and let everyone with a Subscriber role get discounts if they sign up for another subscription product.

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