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Base64 is a special encoding system, which is used for converting data into a readable format. It is used for transferring data over the internet and it is the most commonly used technique for encoding.

Base64 is actually a text encoding system which uses 64 characters. The length of the base64 encoding string depends on the length of the input string. It is an eight-bit encoding that is used to encode binary data into a string of printable characters. Base64 encoding is widely used in the web development as a way to transfer information between systems.

There are several types of base64 encoding, but in this article, we will discuss about base64 encoding, which is called Base64 encoding.

Base64 Encoding

As we know, Base64 encoding is an eight-bit encoding. It is used to convert the binary data into a readable text. In base64 encoding, we use the alphabet A-Z and the number 0-9. The Base64 encoded string consists of 64 characters. Each character represents four bits of information.

To convert the data into Base64, we just need to add = and / characters in front of the original data. We can’t use + and - symbols because they are used to add and subtract numbers in base 10.

For example, consider the data is abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.


Now, we need to encode the data using Base64. So, we will add = and / symbols in the data. After adding the symbols, the data will be converted into the Base64 encoded string.


So, the data will be converted into the Base64 string. Now, if you want to decode the data, then you can simply use the Base64 decoder. The decoder converts the Base64 encoded string back to the original data.

To Encode the base64 encoding, Click here

Base64 Decoder

The decoder can be used to convert the Base64 encoded string back to the original data. You just need to provide the encoded string along with the decoder.


Input: YWJjZGVmZ2hpamtsbW5vcHFyc3R1dnd4eXo=

Output: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

So, this is how the Base64 decoding works. To decode the base64, Click here


Base64 encoding is one of the most commonly used methods for transferring the data. The length of the encoded string depends on the length of the data. If you want to learn more about base64 encoding then let us know us in contact section.

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