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Ajax Load More: Single Post 1.5.3 NULLED

Ajax Load More: Single Post
							1.5.3 NULLED

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The Single Posts add-on NULLED will enable infinite scrolling of complete posts on WordPress single post templates.​

Enable core Ajax Load More functionality on single posts & custom post type templates as well as update the browser URL when additional posts come into view.

How It Works​

The Single Posts add-on works by using Ajax to get and append the upcoming (or next) post to the Ajax Load More container as a user scrolls the page.

By utilizing core WordPress functions such as get_previous_post(), get_next_post() and get_the_ID(), the Single Post add-on will retrieve the upcoming post ID and hook into Ajax Load More for the display and rendering of post content.

URL Updates​

When upcoming posts are loaded and come in to view, the browser address bar will update to the URL of the post currently in view.

Previous Post Update Url

URL functionality is important for users who wish to share a specific post that has been loaded via infinite scroll.


Single Posts functionality is initiated by placing the Ajax Load More shortcode directly inside of a single post or custom post type template – e.g. single.php.

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